Op verzoek van Comixiade heeft Fenmei Hu in samenwerking met animator Manyee Mok een korte strip gemaakt van YuHu en Europa. Neem vooral ook op de website van Comixiade kijkje voor andere leuke strips mbt Europa.

Translation down the comic!

01_in_Yuhu_FMHu_MYMok_def_v3 (1) 02_in_Yuhu_FMHu_MYMok_def_v3 (1) 03_in_Yuhu_FMHu_MYMok_def_v3

1) Hi, my name is Fenmei Hu, welcome to my village YuHu.

2) YuHu is a village at the foot of a mountain near city Wenzhou in China.

This is a very pretty villag! It has many beautiful scenries and many rice fields.

3) These are my grandparents. I live with them, because my parents are in The Netherlands.

4) Lots of young villagers in YuHu migrate to Europe just like me.

5) YuHu is getting emptier.

Lots of money are send back from Europe to YuHu. People are building new houses of stone and investing in YuHu.

6) In YuHu aging is a big problem, because many people who stay behind are elderly. Just like my grandparents they usually babysit the grandchildren.

7) After 20 years, the whole village is renewed. Everything which can be rebuilt has been rebuilt. Except the mountains! I think it is a pity many nice places of YuHu have to make place for modern houses, banks and supermarkets.

Elderly people like my grandparents are happy with the prosperity and luxury. the sometimes loneliness of being seperated of their children and grandchildren, they just take for granted. every coin has two sides, even the golden ones.

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